New models for capturing value. Delivered.


Ignition Consulting Group is a leading U.S. based consultancy devoted to helping agencies develop new revenue models based on the value they create rather than the hours they work. 

By rethinking their revenue models, agencies have an opportunity to generate more income, earn better margins and attract more of the talent that has made them successful in the first place. Progressive agencies around the globe are doing this by moving beyond the outdated cost-plus model and adopting the same type of modern pricing methods used by their clients. 

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Ignition works with agencies to transform their pricing practices in a way that enables them to capture more of what they create, cultivate more trusting relationships with their clients, and significantly enhance their profitability. 

This transformation is delivered via in-depth learning experiences in the form of on-site workshops and online courses. These can be supplemented by consulting programs designed to help agencies activate new pricing strategies and firmly establish pricing (not costing) as a core competence in their firm. 

Tom Finneran - Executive Vice President 4A's 

"Tim Williams is an industry thought-leader, a passionate student of marketing  and an incredibly compelling presenter - when Tim speaks, I listen."

Philip George - Managing Director TBWA/ Toronto 

"Your thinking was so useful that I have begun to apply much of it to our efforts to restructure our agency. I also presented your compensation ideas to a diverse group of agency people, all of whom embraced them. It's probably the first time in my career that creative folks were engaged in a dialogue on compensation!"

Neal Grossman - Omnicom

"Ignition does an outstanding job of teaching creative ways agencies can get paid. It is concise, thoughtful and pragmatic." 



Industry veteran Tim Williams is a noted author and presenter for industry associations and business conferences worldwide. As a career marketing professional, Tim's consulting work has taken him around the world. He has worked with multinational agency networks, agency holding companies, and independent firms on every continent. 

Tim is the author of two books, is a frequent contributor to publications like Campaign, Advertising Age, Adweek, and Admap, and is a global LinkedIn Influencer, where his articles are regularly featured in LinkedIn Today.  Based on his expertise in business strategy, Tim has been interviewed by The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, The Economist, The Guardian, and numerous other business publications throughout the Americas, Europe and Asia.  Before forming Ignition, Tim worked for multinational agencies in New York and elsewhere and served as president of several independent agencies in the U.S. 



Ron Baker is one of the world's leaders in the area of pricing professional services. In addition to his role with Ignition, he is founder of VeraSage Institute, a think tank dedicated to teaching value-based pricing to professionals around the world. Ron has been appointed to the American Institute of Certified Public Accountant's Group of One Hundred, a think tank of leaders to address the future of the profession, named on Accounting Top 100 Most Influential People in the profession.  Regarded as one of the world's leading voices for transformative business models for professional firms, Ron also serves as a LinkedIn Influencer and faculty member of the Professional Pricing Society.



In addition to managing operations for Ignition as Business Manager, Emily also plays the role of Engagement Manager, working directly with clients to organise the logistics of major projects and consulting engagements. Emily honed her skills in the advertising and marketing business at Williams & Rockwood (now Richter7) and later at R&R Partners. She is also a past board member of the Utah Advertising Federation.